The first step in managing risk is knowing who you are bringing
into your organization or family.

Fraud is rampant. Job searchers are desperate.

Research conducted by the Society of Human Resource Management shows
50% of all resumes and applications contain false information. The
US Dept. of Commerce identifies employee theft as the cause of 33%
of all business failures. The Dept. of Justice claims workplace violence
accounts for 18% of all violent crimes. 66% of negligent hiring trial
cases result in jury awards averaging $600,000 in damages.

According to an audit by LexisNexis of more than 3.7 million screenings
from 2002-2007, more than 189,000 people with at least one criminal
conviction attempted to gain employment or volunteer with a nonprofit
organization. On average, 144 people with criminal records applied for
employment or a volunteer opportunity with a nonprofit each day during
the audit period and a registered sex offender attempted to obtain a
position at a nonprofit organization every 11.5 hours during the same
audit period.

When you need more than trust

Unfortunately, in today’s society there are people walking among
us who would rather be anything, but a good employee, neighbor,
boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, etc.

A thorough background investigation can help reduce some of the risk
associated with these people. CWPI has the ability to locate criminal
and civil information as well as other useful information about a
person’s past that should give you a better idea of who he or she really is.