"I strive to help my clients make the most informed business, professional and personnel decisions as possible!"

Polygraph Examinations

Statement verification / Specific incident or specific issue tests / Post-conviction sex offender testing / Pre-employment or employee screening

Our Standards meet or exceed those established by the American Polygraph Association. Alan is a nationally certified examiner.

Forensic Computer Examinations

Sometimes referred to as Digital Investigations can help when you wonder what your children or spouse is doing on the computer, or who they are talking to on their cell phone? Has your computer “crashed” containing valuable information that was not backed up? I can help answer these questions and recover other information from digital media devices.

The most powerful tool we use is EnCase Forensic. EnCase is the leader in digital forensics

Forensic Documents Examinations

Do you need to identify or rule out a particular person as the writer or signer of a document, letter or note? These cases can include an examination of the writing on checks, legal documents, receipts, threats, etc. They can also include determining if a document has been altered in some manner.

We adhere to the standards established by the Scientific Association of Forensic Examiners.

Background & Employment Investigations

As an employer, you could be negligent if you fail to properly investigate certain types of accusations. In fact, in most work environments, you are required to investigate. Without a thorough investigation, by an objective third party, it is often difficult to determine the severity of the situation.

Washington Association of Legal Investigators is just one of many resources available to us to help you solve your issues.

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About Us

CWPI is a Washington State Licensed Private Investigation agency with a proven history of results in assisting employers with personnel and other workplace issues, conducting pre-employment and background investigations, polygraph examinations, forensic document examinations and forensic computer examinations.


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1-509-750-8981 / alan@cwpolygraph.com
American Polygraph Association / Northwest Polygraph Association / California Association of Polygraph Examiners / Scientific Association of Forensic Examiners / Washington State Association of Legal Investigators
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