Ever wonder what your children or spouse is doing on the computer,
or who they are talking to on their cell phone? Has your computer
crashed? containing valuable information that was not backed up?
I can help answer these questions and in most cases, recover this valuable information
from most digital media devices.


Forensic Document Examinations encompass a large area of the document examination field.  Primarily, a “forensic” document examination is used to identify or rule out a particular person as the writer or signer of a document, letter or note.  In some cases, graffiti, other marks and even obliteration such as erasures and crossed out writing can be used to identify a subject.  In other situations, it may even be possible to identify a person through their use of a particular writing instrument, printer or typewriter.

Such scenarios could include:

  • Signatures on official documents such as Wills, Checks, Credit Card receipts, Time cards, Parenting Plans and other court documents, etc.
  • Forgery / Fraud
  • Threats
  • Ransom notes
  • Bank robberies
  • Suicide
  • Counterfeiting
  • Insertions, Additions or “Raising” the value of a check or other document

The possibilities and scenarios associated with document examinations are almost limitless.  Nearly every form of written communication can be falsified in some manner.


Care and consideration must be taken when collecting and submitting both the questioned documents and the known comparison samples.

Should you be considering a forensic document examination, please contact me for suggestions regarding sources of known documents to be used for comparison as well as the appropriate measures to take in handling your evidence.  This is critical!